zilm (zilm) wrote,

Сегодня же рождество!

As part of the settlement, Elon Musk would pay a personal fine of $20 million, on top of another $20 million penalty for Tesla Inc. The $40 million in total fines will be distributed to investors that were “harmed” by Elon Musk’s Twitter announcements.

By opting for a settlement, Elon Musk would be allowed to remain as the CEO of Tesla Inc., though he would be required to step down as Chairman of the Board. Musk is given a 45-day period to resign from his position as the Board’s Chairman. Under the terms of the settlement, Musk is also prohibited from serving as Chairman of the Board for at least three years.

Tesla is required to create an independent committee that’s specifically tasked to oversee investor communications as well. Perhaps most notably, settling the case does not require Elon Musk to admit guilt to the SEC’s allegations in its lawsuit.

Tags: tesla, новости, электромобили, электромобили и плагин-гибриды
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